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If you want to sell your home fast and can’t afford (or don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to real estate agent, this is for you!!

  • Do you want to sell you house quickly and still get a fair price?
  • Is your house vacant or in need of repairs?
  • Are you in foreclosure or behind on payments?
  • Are you facing a divorce, bad tenants or liens?
  • These are common problems. Here is the perfect solution.

"I was behind several months payments on the house my father build and I lived on for 30 years. My family and I were about to be Foreclosed on by the Bank and forced to move. Even though I was willing at that point to make the back payments to remain in my house the bank was requiring me to pay expensive attorneys fees and high interest on the late payments. " - Jim

This is when Jim called Edison, in just a few days we found a solution which worked for him and allowed him to stay in the house.

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