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  3. Edison’s Partnership Program offers endless opportunities and huge income potential!

Edison Gonzalez’s Partnership Program

Since the early 1990s, Edison has been successfully applying Real Estate investing techniques and continually expanding his knowledge by traveling throughout the country attending Real Estate and Marketing Boot Camps  as well as Tony Robbins coaching.  He has also brainstormed with many nationally-renowned speakers.

After wholesaling over 100 houses, Edison has   discovered additional strategies to obtain his goal of financial independence.  His cutting edge, innovative methods are developed from his additional experience from buying and selling over 400 houses.  As a transactional engineer, he creates deals even when circumstances are less than ideal.


  • “Edison is an experienced investor who has been buying houses in South Florida for at least the last 10 years...I highly recommend him as a truly experienced mentor.”     —  Tom Nardone
  • “Edison is a true example of a real estate entrepreneur…(he) possesses the prowess of a world class investor.”    — Matt Gurchow, VP Home REICO
  • “Edison taught me how to make money on foreclosures, bank REOs, etc. with little or no money down.  I would highly recommend his system.  Time with Edison is time well spent.”        — Mike Boyle, CPA


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